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What is a 3d Pen and how does it work?
What is a 3d Pen and how does it work?

Just like a 3d printer, a 3d pen is a pen that uses specific heating elements that are similar to elements you would find in a 3d printer. Unlike the printer, the pen is guided manually. It looks like a bulkier form of an ordinary pen that uses plastic rather than ink. The plastic found in a 3d pen is mostly found in a heated form and works by pushing it out through the tip of the pen. Also, the plastic can be altered to form the desired shape. This pen is considered to be the world leading 3d printing pen, and can be used to draw either on the surface or in the air, while giving the artwork an even more realistic look. Moreover, the best 3dpen is found in compact form and requires no additional software to operate. Operating the 3d pen is just easier like using any other regular pen, making it the most ideal to use for your drawing purposes. How a 3D pen works Heat is required to melt the plastic The essence of heat when operating the pen is to melt down the plastic. The temperature used in this case varies with the type of materials constituting the filament burnt. The plastic filaments are melted by pushing them through a heating chamber. After the melting process is complete, the melted filaments are then pushed out through the nozzle. Finally, the pen can be moved in the desired direction while creating different types of shapes. The formation of these shapes depends on the rate at which the melted filament cools and solidifies. Uses the principle of extraction The best 3dpen should adhere to the principle of extraction. This is a process that is witnessed when the filaments are passed through the heating chambers and then pushed out through the extruder in the form of molten plastic. This implies that the plastics must be able to melt at a quicker rate and solidify before they can finally be extruded. Various types of plastics can function perfectly well in this criteria, with the most used being polylactic acid and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The doodler at this point is given an opportunity to create infinite items with an even more ease. Furthermore, the extraction process allows one to trace related objects on a paper after which they can draw appealing objects. Considering the fact that the melted plastic is in a soft state, it is easily fused on any surface or used to produce any shape desired after cooling. Uses electric power The heating process cannot be accomplished without availing a reasonable intensity of heat. Electricity is mostly recommended when heating the plastic filaments. The heat must be sufficient enough to transform the plastic into a liquid form. Can be used on any surface The best 3d pen should work perfectly on all surfaces, a condition that allows most users to personalize related items. Among the surfaces that the pen can work on include plastic surfaces. As a result, doodlers can be able to draw on any plastic material they feel like. The possibilities of what you can do with a 3d pen are indeed limitless. The best 3d pen adds an exceptional dimension that makes your drawings more realistic than when using a two-dimensional pen. However, there exists a variety of the three-dimensional pens to choose from, with each having unique features. You should therefore not limit yourself to a specific type of pen because, even though they all work in a similar manner, they tend to create unique and exceptional features. Work Cited Flynt, Joseph. "How To Use A 3D Pen." 3D Insider, 25 Nov. 2017, hptt:// Accessed 8 Feb. 2018. Quaoar. "How Does a 3D Pen Work? - Quora." Quora - A Place to Share Knowledge and Better Understand the World, Accessed 8 Feb. 2018.

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