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best 3d pen 2018
best 3d pen 2018

The 3doodler 3d printing pen was the first 3d pen that made this kind of a material known to all as well as gain the interest of most of them. Its success has made other people come up with their different kinds of creation. For the first time users it can be quite a hustle because of its huge size but after sometime you get used to using them. There are quite a number of them in the market today depending on the target group. MYNT3D professional printing 3D pen. This 3d pen is no match for the other kinds of pens. Its design alone will get you to want to use it. This 3d pen can use any kind of filament that can melt between 130 degrees and 240 degrees. This makes it more versatile and easy to control in terms of temperature and is mostly used by those that are more experienced. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen This is the original 3d pen and as the days go by the designers try to improve it in ways that it can be more user friendly and quite easy to use. This kind of 3d pens is mostly recommended to the serious artists since it requires more experience. 3D Creation 3d doodling pen Other creators decided to come up with blueprints of the original version but for a different target group and that is kids. For the kids that have created that passion in drawing can get the chance to showcase their imaginations. They are very worth it since it is a good thing to introduce your kid to the world of art. With a 3D Creation 3d doodling pen your kid will be good to go. 3D Doodling Drawing Printing Pen For the beginners too, they do not have to worry about getting the best kind of 3d pen for them to start with. Its affordability can make you think it will not work very well but you will be surprised the moment you learn to control its temperatures and feed. Other than being pocket friendly, it is also environmental friendly as well as a very fast tool that means a lot of time will be saved. It does not also need a computer to work with and its lightweight design makes it easily portable. How well it can help you is not mythical since it is very useful to anyone that understands how this tool works. With a creative hand of a well skilled and knowledgeable artist, the 3d pens can produce quite a number of creations. Its popularity and attractiveness is gained from the fact that less skills are needed and any creation of your choice can be put down in drawing. What you need to do is evaluate yourself so as to know the category of users that you fall in. Failure to do that is uses will remain as a myth to you and it will not be of any importance.

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