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Kangas with Political Messages.

Politicians often seek popularity using this type of kanga; making special prints to give away during election campaigns. However, in rare cases, popular leaders might have no choice in this, and people make kangas on their behalf to celebrate their success. For example, this is demonstrated by the kanga labeled 'Obama' that expresses sentiments of most Africans in last US presidential elections; and thus the map of Africa in its main design. It was believed that Obama's paternal origins in Kenya were of great spiritual significance, and thus the religious message 'Love and Peace God has Granted Us.' As is evident, this particular kanga was produced in 2008, when president Barack Obama (the 44th president of the USA) won the presidential elections and came to power as the first ever black president of the United States of America.

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Kangas with Romantic Messages.

These kangas are ideal for either dropping romantic hints or stating such feelings directly.A document with translations is included.

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Kangas with the Girl Guides Messages.

This kanga displays the Girl Guides motto 'Be Prepared.' It also shows the three finger salute. It also has a the clover logo.

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Kangas with Touristic Messages.

These could be used in a variety of ways. The kanga without a message is for aesthetics purposes only.

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Kangas expressing Gratitude.

These kangas express gratitude. A document including translations is also included.

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Kangas with Friendly Messages.

These could be used in a variety of ways, for example as wall hangings or table-cloths or throws. There is a document of translations included.

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Kangas with Wedding Messages.

These kangas are also called visutu (plural)or kisutu (plural) and those I have found on Lamu island shops in Kenya are typically with no messages and have a unique design as demonstrated here. They are often worn for ceremonies to do with marriage, and sometimes used for spiritual events. It is interesting to note that while the original colours were black red and white,touristic demands have changed this; while the design remains the same. The light blue/white kanga shown here sends a message wishing for a happy wedding, but it is not a kisutu. A translation document is included.

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Kangas with Pointed Messages.

These kangas carry messages that drop hints about social relationships. They also aim criticisms at particular individuals. A translation document is also included.

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