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These are very well-designed menstrual cups, from function to form. I am very impressed by the LunaCups company values & customer UK service, as well. Even the packaging is perfect! Women's needs do vary. No menstrual cup could have the perfect size, shape, firmness (in rim, body, & base) and grip prominence for everyone. That's why most cup Brands - companies guarantee only the workmanship of their product, not subjective satisfaction! Objectively, this menstrual cup is perfect. The silicone is good quality. The design seems likely to work well for a large percentage of women on their period. The body of the cup has minimal markings, so minimal nooks & crannies to scrub. The holes are well placed, smooth and large enough to rinse clean easily, yet small enough not to leak. The stem is solid, more flexible & easier to clean than a hollow tube stem. It's has enough grip to grasp, and it's not too stretchy, which means women with high cervix can actually use the stem to walk the base of the cup low enough to pinch. (Yes, push down with your muscles, too. But a good stem does help!) Tab stems like Luna's and Lunette's aren't equally flexible in all directions, but twisting the cup a few degrees reorients the stem's angle - and almost always relieves unwelcome stem pressure. The only superior stem type I've found is the Si-Bell's. The main improvement I hope LUNA considers is to offer a colourless option. I think both the default clear & the limited edition pink are gorgeous. Many women appreciate colours! But some people do wish to avoid unnecessary ingredients, even dyes generally recognized as safe. I'd recommend offering both clear and coloured cups. Oh, and the menstrual cups pouch! Honestly, I've never seen one I like more. It's not so big that the cup gets lost at the bottom. There's no loose inner lining to get stuck to the cup & pulled inside out each time. I prefer the single-sided drawstring to the more common double. And the print is cute! I'm an idealist, so of course I wish it were organic cotton. And I wish all cup companies either let women choose from several fabrics or at least sold different models with distinct pouches so people in multi-cup households could tell their cups apart at a glance. But just because a perfectionist like me can always find something to improve, it doesn't mean this isn't a superior purchase! You have nothing to lose when you buy this; try the LUNA menstrual cup if you've compared several quality cups and think this might be the one for you!

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