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School of Oriental & African Studies, (SOAS) University of London

I'm a language teacher educator, based in the Faculty of Languages and Cultures at SOAS for 5 years. I work with teachers of languages which are widely spoken, but are under-represented in higher education curricula in the UK. I'm also a teacher of English, a fluent Spanish speaker, a (slow) learner of Arabic and Chinese and a heritage learner of Welsh :-). My current vocation has developed out of 20 years of language teaching and teacher training in the field of ESL and EFL in England, Wales, Spain and Vietnam. At SOAS, as part of the mission of the Centre of Excellence in Teaching & Learning LWW, I was tasked to contribute to professionalizing the teaching of less-widely- taught (LWT) languages and languages of the wider world (LWW). I became very interested in teacher education, as distinct from teacher training, and was particularly concerned to account for teacher subjectivity and the teachers' experience of learning in the provision of professional development workshops and courses. In collaboration with colleagues at SOAS, UCL and beyond, I have developed postgraduate programmes for teachers of LWW and LWT.( I'm currently studying for a PHD concerning sociocultural approaches to pedagogy and teacher education. My vocational commitment is to contribute to the pedagogic field of language teaching and learning through working with teachers of LWT and LWW and; to help position the teacher as an academic and professional expert through providing of professional opportunities and qualification for teachers of LWT and LWW. I am presently involved in the FAVOR project with 4 other teachers at SOAS. We are working with languages from the Horn of Africa on this project; Tigrinya,Amharic, Swahili and Somali. I also co-run a reading group in sociocultural theory and language learning.

Vygotsky, teacher education, synchronous online learning and social networking software, sociocultural approaches to language pedagogy, language learning and ZPD

BA Development Studies, Kingston Polytechnic RSA Diploma in TESOL, Colchester Institute MA in TESOL, Institute of Education, London MSc in Elearning, University of Glamorgan, PHD pedagogy and teacher education (ongoing), University of Bath

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