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Swahili Tutor
Cambridge University CAS 2010-2013; SOASLC 2008-2013 Rice University Research Scholar 2013-2016

Teaching Experience - Currently I am a research scholar at Rice University in Houston Texas. I tutored in Swahili language at the University of Cambridge, Centre of African Studies (CAS) UK, 2010-2013 & at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies Language Centre (SOAS LC) 2008-2013. Previous to this I lectured in Swahili Grammar at SOAS University of London. Media experience - I appear in Sir Ridley Scott's film Prometheus' (June 2012) Full Credits List as an automated voice in Swahili, and in the DVD of the same film as an image. My role in the film is that of a Language Expert, specifically one of the tutors teaching the Android David various languages of the world. Also, I freelance for TV & Radio - Transcribing and Translating Films Swahili ↔ English Gikuyu ↔ English. Legal experience - I have worked as an African languages consultant at the BBC Media Centre and been interviewed on BBC World News Swahili Live Radio Programme - Dira ya Dunia in regard to my research on changes in the Swahili language and other trends arising from and brought about by the use of the media and modern technology. In 2011 & 2012 I worked for Leigh Day & Co in a major court case - translating and interpreting Swahili ↔ English Gikuyu ↔ English.

While I find anything to do with languages fascinating, my research has been mostly on changes of the Swahili language in the past two decades. I also love spending time in nature walking and cross country running.

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Languages of the Wider World 2009-2010 School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), UCL CETL, University of London MA in African Studies 2003-2005 SOAS, University of London. BA in African Studies 2000-2003 SOAS, University of London. P1: Primary School Teaching Certificate 1974-1976 Eregi Teacher Training College, Kakamega Kenya.

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