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Routes into Languages West Midlands

Routes into Languages West Midlands is a regional arm of the national Routes into Languages project. Established in 2007 with 3 years' funding from HEFCE and DCSF. We are now entering our sixth year of activity. Here you can find a lot of the resources we have produced in the region, see our website for more and for other resources created around the country.



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Latest Additions

  1. Mandarin Chinese 1-10 Numbers at random
  2. The Right Road
  3. Speak! A drama about languages.
  4. Active Languages - project booklet and resources
  5. A-level listening exercises
  6. "How to..." guide for organising a language day in school
  7. "How to..." guide to holding an animation workshop in school
  8. "How to..." guide - holding a Formula 1 themed day in school
  9. "How to..." guide - holding a product design day in school
  10. Opportunities for Language Learning - a guide for students and parents

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