Present Continuous (I am doing)

First Certificate in English:
Gap-fill exercise

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Put the verb into the correct form. Sometimes you need the negative (I'm doing etc).

1) Please don't make so much noise. I (try) to work.

2) Let's go out now. It (rain) any more.

3) You can turn off the radio. I (listen) to it.

4) Kate phoned me last night. She's on holiday in France. She (have) a great time and doesn't want to come back.

5) I want to lose weight, so this week I (eat) lunch.

6) Andrew has just started evening classes. He (learn) German.

7) Paul and Sally had an argument. They (speak) to each other.

8) I (get) tired. I need a rest.

9) Tim (work) this week. He's on holiday