Language Box: From Floor To Ceiling

When completed this will be a rough guide to everything you need to know in order to work on Language Box. Language Box is a community share for language teachers. It is a place for language teachers to share their teaching resources both with other teachers and each other. Language Box is built using the EPrints 3.1.0 which at the time of writing has outdated and incomplete documentation available on their wiki. This document will hopefully outline the directory structure and some key files which are of use when maintaining or futher developement of the Language Box system.

Directory Structures

{eprints_dir}/archives/{your_faroes_id}/static is where you can find all your webstuff as served by apache. EPrints generates static pages for each live eprint rather than generating the page on request like you might do in a php page. The eprints methodology is only generate a page once at the time the information it contains changes. Do Not Edit Files Directly In /static its a common error it looks like it works but as soon as the pages are regenerated by eprints your changes will be lost. Never edit anything in /static all things in this folder will have a corresponding page generator in /cfg somewhere. Once you have changed things you will have regenerate the pages you have changed the config for. This is done using the generate scripts in {eprints_dir}/bin

{eprints_dir}/archives/{your_faroes_id}/cfg contains a whole bunch of directories which I will list briefly here and go into more detail on the important ones.

{eprints_dir}/cgi This is where more conventional web programing can be done I.E you write some perl and it the output goes to the web browser. This is mainly stuff for rss feeds which we dont use and the coverflow xml stuff is done. there are also a few clever things which alias some pages to screen plugins to make the url nicer and that sort of thing.

{eprints_dir}/bin is where all the adminstation tools live you must be the eprints user in order to run any of these scripts