Welcome to Language Box

Welcome to Language Box

The Language Box is a new way of storing, managing and publishing your Language teaching resources on the web. Share handouts, exercises, podcasts, videos and anything else you can imagine!

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Languagebox Activities

Language Box is being used by participants in the Community Cafe project. This project was funded by the JISC and worked to create a collection of resources for use by community languages teachers across the UK. If you are a teacher of a community language, working in a supplementary school or Saturday school, please join the site and share your work!

LanguageBox and the FAVOR project

The JISC-funded FAVOR project worked with part-time language tutors to publish and showcase their teaching resources. Tutors were involved in creating new open educational resources around the topic of transition from language study at school to university. These materials gave students a 'taste of' the range of languages that can be studied in UK HE and the language learning activities that are part of academic study. Watch this space to find resources!

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